Welding Fumes Collector

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CLEAIR Ideal solution for standalone manual station/SPM/Robotic welding operations having enclosed welding booths. Two different capacities 3000CMH & 5000 CMH standard capacity units are offered based on booth size and robotic booth design. Higher capacity customized system up to 65000 CMH capacity are also available. Individual units are best in conditions where plant layout changes frequently or where all the weld stations do not work together.


The fumes captured by the hood/ pipe travel into the fume extractor placed near to the welding station. These fumes are filtered by high efficiency electrostatic filters and clean air is discharged within the same environment.


  • Flexibility of layout
  • Low power consumption
  • Best solution for workers health
  • Very easy installations
  • No replacement of filters needed
  • Cost saving, helps in environmental compliance

CLEAIR ESP system achieves

  • Effective capture of welding fumes from individual weld stations
  • Avoids spreading of the fumes all over the shop
  • Efficient filtration f the fumes
  • Cleaner, safer & thus more productive working encironment
  • Better compliance for pollution control & ISO14000 requirement
  • Lower operating cost because f lower blower HP
  • Zero replacement cost
  • Financial benefit of 100% depreciation in first year.


Option is in which the system is installed on the existing robotic booth or on open fixtures with the help of flexible suction pipes which has a inbuilt ionization chamber along with the exhaust blower and is coupled with welding station that is ideal for education facility, repair shop or production line; it is an all in one table and filtration unit.


CLEAIR cross flow fume collection table is an affordable combination of welding table and electrostatic ionization & collection system. Actually for single/double module option.


There is a self standing fume arm, which has a suction hood, which can be placed near to the operation point. This ensures very effective suctive at source. The arm has a full round handle near to suction hood for easy movement. Also there is a damper near to suction hood for easy adjustment of suction. As the arm is composed of tubes having smooth inside surface, it has lesser pressure drop.


CLEAIR highest efficiency level in emission collection, with the ability to handle air flow application ranging upto 65000 CMH. Each system comes equipped with the ionizer, which effectively charge particles and ensure even distribution of particles across the cells. It can be in corporate in the existing system.